Portrayal of women in media

In 2012 alone there was 32 women killed for dowry and 5216 cases of cruelty by husbands and in-laws. The serials in Malayalam TV channels have stories about a women being tortured for not bringing a fat dowry , a  women being insulted by her mother-in-law because she is from a poor family, etc these are the serials which are running successfully in the year 2013 when the world is moving forward the Malayalam media is going two steps backwards. In recent years there has been a huge change in Hindi channels where they have been showing women as strong career women who juggle her family and work with equal responsibility but still there is not much change in the way the negative characters are shown, do you think in a real life a villain wears a deep plunging neck line and dark makeup?. Media is the mirror image of the value a woman gets in our society, but in the present scenario this saying doesn’t correlate because now women are being considered as an equally important part of a society so its big time that media also changes its view . The India’s Ministry of Women and Child Development has also decided to react and has constituted a committee to finalize modalities for media, campaign on the issue, they have decided to stop the negative, indecent and stereotyped projection of women in Media. A proper guideline should definitely be set by the government to stop the media from stooping so low. The Kerala government should act fast against the Malayalam television serials which always has a women tortured by a family for dowry and the sad part is such an act is often justified and we can see that the women are shown as an object of trade. These kinds of shows definitely have a negative impact on the thoughts of the society and it is an encouragement for people to take dowry or to be cruel towards the women in their family. It is really unfortunate that our society is still dug so deep in ancient practices and is not ready to accept the fact that women have started to equal men in every field, something should be done to protect women’s dignity .What message are these channel producers trying to give to the society?

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