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This program in Asianet TV is a discussion forum between one person representing the particular topic of discussion and those representing the youth usually 3-4 of them. It’s a session where these youths can get answer to their questions on things which directly or indirectly affect them. The show offers discussion on variety of topics ranging from IT, current affairs, career, etc. Those who represent the youth are good speakers and it’s a great feeling to know that not all are dumb there are some of us who have brains. It’s a different program because there not many show which deals with the youth because no one takes them seriously and such a platform is needed. These youths are well educated they are not simply blurting out stuff they are saying things which actually has some importance. I once heard a girl talking to a former IFS officer with such confidence on why she prefers IAS over IFS; I was totally blown over by her choice or words and sentences. The youth today are independent are well aware of what’s happening and this program does help them to prove what they are, today’s youth are tomorrow’s future. I am happy that Asianet News has come up with such an idea it’s good that someone is interested in lending an ear to the younger generation. This program is completely in English hence can have a wider range of audience and once again a new initiative by a Malayalam channel. If you have to sit as a mediator in a program where there are intellectuals you yourself should be well read and the anchor does fit the bill perfectly. Overall it’s a great thought executed perfectly.

This show is on Asianet News, Sunday at 15:30.

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