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Its a feel good show.


All of us are bathroom singers and place for people like us who are not that great singers but don’t sound that bad is Mood Tapes. It’s not a program which comes on a specific time on daily basis but it’s more of a filler of five minutes. Now you might be wondering why I am writing a review on filler well that’s because Mood Tapes is definitely a program with class. Here we get to hear amateur singers who might be trained or not but who sound good. They are given an opportunity to sing a song without any instruments to support them but just an open space. The camera work is brilliant because it doesn’t have the typical steady cam shots there is lot of movements, shift focus shots and OSS shots. Editing is great because in a minute you can see a lot of shots and cut shots. The way they have synced the shots with song is really great and the locations are also awesome. Because of this complete package even if we hear the singers lose control on their pitch because of these other factors we don’t give much importance to those faults. It looks like the producer Parvati Prakash has taken a lot of effort in selecting each people making them comfortable because these are not trained singers and the location she selects sometimes it just a plain wall or may be an empty street but she is successful in creating an impact. So mood tapes definitely gives you the mood of the song so if you want to find out if what I am saying is true then catch it on Kappa TV.


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