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JB Sir if you don't mind please be a bit more kind.


John Brittas interrogation to be honest is really arrogant and rude. Brittas is unique and has his style but doesn’t know when to put a full stop. I remember watching the first couple of episodes, I was sure that all the guests are going to cry or else he will make them and I was right. I’m no big fan of his, but I think that he is successful in making the celebs speak about things they have been hiding. Hot gossip, facts from the stars themselves, who’s dating who, what films are coming up Brittas asks them anything and everything! He can somehow get the stars to confess and blurt the “real stuff” out of them – which is sometimes controversial and very funny (for the viewer I guess)! He once openly asked to Swetha Menon about her controversial pregnancy and I was really annoyed that he being a journalist doesn’t mean that he can ask whatever he wants it was really disrespectful .I don’t get one thing when you have a choice to say that you are not that keen to divulge more of your personal life’s details then why do the celebs don’t say that to his face. Brittas Sir you might be doing the right thing by making our stars juicy information public but then no matter what we will love our celebs. 

This show is on Kairali TV,Saturday-Sunday at 20:00.

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