Music Mojo

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Much needed break from the usual reality shows.


When all the reality music shows are being a hit “Music Mojo,” in Kappa TV, doesn’t have the same fan following in TAM ratings but  it features some great music by talented artists who should be heard and seen more often in the mainstream. Music Mojo is very different from the normal shows its looks to me like it’s inspired by Mtv-unplugged or Coke studio. The channel is very famous in Youtube even if we miss it in TV we can catch it on their Youtube channel. I love what the producer has done with the whole look of set with bright lights and a rustic feel to it adds to the mood. The way he mixes the singers with the band and completely gives a new version of old hits is truly brilliant. Excellent musicians, different music arrangements, etc are some of the elements that make “Music Mojo” a very nice experience. Music Mojo is the brain child of Sumesh Lal and its very refreshing idea I am sure it’s different for the Malayalam taste but then that’s what is making it get noticed. I have a lot of favorites from the show but Thaikkudam Bridge,Gayathri, Job and Asima are my most favorite. 



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