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Not successful in developing a rapport.


Love is in the air I guess because now days that’s a hot topic of discussion, who is dating whom, will they tie the knot, are they hitting the splitsville and those kinds of rumors. These love matters are good business in this media maybe that’s why these kinds of programs completely dedicated to love are coming up. Through Manasil Oru Mazhavil in Kairali TV we get to listen to the love and wedding stories of famous people in their own words. Easy way to know more about how Prithviraj found his lady love or how did Narain propose we get to hear it from their mouth. The show host is yesteryear dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi it’s nice that she is coming in front of the camera and she has such good screen presence she had to do it earlier because she looks good. As a talk show host sometimes I feel it’s getting a bit boring because suddenly no one has anything to say all of them are sitting as if a teacher is asking questions and the students are answering. Even if Bhagyalakshmi is doing her best to make them comfortable most of them are not getting that involved specially their better halves either the husband or wife who is not in the field. When Bhagyalakshmi and the guest are in the same field they have lot to talk about and in the midst of that conversation the other half is lost somewhere between it. So it would be good if they were asked more about what the show is about than work because she gets excited about cinema and forgets to ask them about their love story. The set has a whole new look and it’s got a really clean look keeping it very simple. There is nothing more to say about this program it’s worth a watch.

This show is on Kairali, Monday 22:00.

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