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It’s about the top ten things that happened in that particular day. It’s very helpful for those who go to work 9-7 and don’t get to read a newspaper or be updated with what all happens now and then. It’s in Amrita TV from 10-10:30 it’s in perfect time for the working dads or moms who can catch the news and go for work next day without being a complete stranger to the world. There is in total 10 headlines which has local, national, sports and international news. After the headlines the most important news is shown in detail with bytes, voice over and all the other news elements. So even if we don’t have time for the details the first 10 things is enough to be updated. In this fast moving world everyone is running to make enough money but that doesn’t mean that we should be completely unaware of what happens around us. So this news program lets everyone know about important news it might be too late for students to catch this program but for others its perfect so what I suggest is even if money is important no amount of money can feed your brains with knowledge if u don’t have time to put the effort and if u want to be dumb no matter what go for it. But for others watch this news program it’s the last chance to catch it because tomorrow will have whole new drama there is no shortage for news so it’s always going to be new for news.

This show is on Amrita, Monday-Friday 22:00.

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