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This is a program presenting the market value for some of the fast moving commercial. They discuss about everything I saw an episode where they are saying about the demand of am Kozhikode Halwa. The anchor uses very simple language and terms there’s no need to be an economic graduate to understand it and moreover even if the name is Biz week it has nothing to do with real market or global industries. It’s concentrated more on the Hospitality and Lifestyle sector in India specifically Kerala. If a leading Jewelry or a Hotel starts a new venture then those kinds of news is shown in this program. Now what I don’t understand is when all these giants always give publicity about their openings or events through media then why to create a program completely dedicated for the promotion of brands. May be Media One is looking at different ways to make the advertisers happy, anyway I don’t feel that there’s any need for this show its utter rubbish. I mean who wants to know about where Joy Alukas is starting their new showroom or where is the new ITC group starting their hotel it’s a waste of effort and time, when we are trying to escape from all these adds a program on it is the last thing I want to see. The only segment which has some purpose is  ‘Add of the week’ which selects the best advertisement of that week even if its main aim is free publicity in other way it also appreciates the add maker’s talent. This is not that good idea from Media one.

This show is on Media One, Monday-Friday 16:00.

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