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It features interviews with guests, news reports and stories from across the state. It is a bit different from the contemporary style of news format because in it I saw a group dance performance I don’t know if that was for some special cause but still it was something I have not seen in a news program. They give focus on very small events which usually doesn’t get the deserved attention which is nice of the producer. Mostly they show local news and that is the meaning of Chuttuvatom-News around you. It’s an initiative taken for a good cause which has the news of the needier and also about the cruelties of people. I once saw news of an old woman who was left alone by her sons and how a bunch of kids came to her rescue I was touched by it and I didn’t see it in any other channel. Asianet news is one of my personal favorites and this show is one of them, the news reader is also doing a good job, I just have a piece of advice to the news reader please reduce your makeup.

This show is on Asianet News, Daily 17:00.

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