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It is an interview with well known celebrities where they share their experience and story of their success. The name of the program makes us feel that it has something to do with social networking sites and that is the information we get about the program when we search in a dish TV. But when I saw it I realized that it has got nothing to do with facebook but the only relation is that they have used the look of a facebook profile as their graphic card to show the questions they are going to ask because in this there is no interviewer. The clips related to the celebrity are also showed as if it is taken from a facebook profile, it is a new and interesting way of editing, and I loved it. Now when it comes to the interview format many channels are experimenting a lot with camera and its angels in here also I got to see some nice classy shots but then there were some high angle shots which were really awkward and I also noticed that there is a visible color difference between the long shots and the close-up. Many channels are now going for a without interviewer format for a chat show which is actually working and I seem to enjoy the freedom of speech given to the guest you can watch this in Manorama News.

This show is on Manorama News,Monday at 11:30.

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