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It is a show on contemporary issues involving the Kerala community and deals with all the issues happening in Kerala. There are different segments like investigative report, missing cases, murder, mystery, etc. I happened to see an episode where they brought out a job scam in Wayanad it was shocking to know that people are getting jobs under even the handicapped quota by submitting false documents, how can they think about stealing the rights from the disabled people. There was almost similar job scam in Wayanad about the LDC clerk post which was filled with names of people who were not in the list, how the government can be so irresponsible. They also have a segment for missing kids and unfortunately the number of missing kids in Kerala is increasing day by day and neither the police or the government have been able to help the parents. It is really alarming to know that we live in such an unsafe locality with corrupted people governing us. This news program is not centered on politicians or their politics it’s for the common man dealing with the problems they have to face on a day to day basis. I am sure that this program in Asianet News has helped many and will continue doing the good work.

This show is on Asianet News, Daily 19:00.

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