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The anchor of this program in Mathrabhumi News is Sandhya Balasuma she is beautiful, smart, and lively she is doing her job well. This program unveils the unique talent of women who have established themselves. I will definitely support every show with class which encourages women because they definitely deserve it. It give us viewers an opportunity to learn from their success stories and realize that we can actually make these things at home which we usually buy for such high prices. I saw an episode where Aleena has made earrings out of papers and it looks really beautiful and priceless she has started her own line of custom made jewelry and is doing well. Same way there is stories of many women who have discovered their passion and have started to come out and do something on their own. Women from all walks of life irrespective of their profession are interviewed and given an opportunity to get a platform. There are musicians, dancers, actors, etc it’s a very good initiative because the people who watch this program can also be inspired and start something new which might be part of history tomorrow. If there was an option it would be nice to know a bit about their family and also on how to contact them if we are looking to do business with them. 

This show is on Mathrabhumi News, Monday 13:30.

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