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It’s a program in Kaumudy Tv for the young and upcoming starts. It is a platform which promotes budding talent and lets them speak openly about their personality and their passion. It reminds me of the show I Personally in Kappa TV even if that show is not just for new stars but it has the same format and concept so now I wonder who copies from whom well then we can’t find a culprit because almost all programs are inspired by some or the other so no one can take the credit. Lavender means an aromatic shrub or color but I don’t know what relation it has to the concept of this program. The channel clarity is not that good I hope they work on it but the visuals are good. The graphics the color is really fresh and vibrant. I have liked the concept where there is no interviewer but in this case I wished for someone interfere them because their sentences missed a full stop it was really long speech. I don’t know if it was my problem but I could not see the clips they inserted it was really blurry again it might be the clarity problem. It is a good attempt but lacks the spice Kaumudy Tv should do a lot of work to reach the mainstream.

This show is on Kaumudi TV, Sunday 10:30.

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