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It is a talk show about the various good and weird things happening around the world. It is about the small things about life that makes people happy and the things that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Indiavision through this program brings the very different and small things which don’t gain that much publicity but the things which should be seen from outside India to the viewers in Kerala. The anchor chooses a very different kind of anchoring she walks and talks with the tourists and then shows the clips of events taking place in other countries. The outdoor location and camera work is also really nice I cannot say the same about the complete footage because most of the clips are borrowed but the other visuals shot by Indiavision crew is perfect. The only thing that we usually know about outside world is anything related to politics or may be the beauty pageants but there are many other events which we should know, once I saw a weird contest in this show where the people are lining up for the best beard and moustache competition it was really fun to watch it. Same way there were other interesting clips also so if you are looking for something new this is the perfect program and these clips are matched with correct script and voice over


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