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The thing that always have me wondering and questioning about how it is done is magic after watching a live show I always bug the magician requesting him to please tell me how did he do the trick but I have never managed to make them say, Magix in Kappa TV is also that kind of a show which keeps me guessing. It is like filler you get to see almost two minutes of magic by the magician Raja which is really brilliant. He walks on the streets of Cochin mostly targeting foreigners and in some rare cases Indians I don’t know what’s the reason behind it and then with his charm and ease wows them with his magic. A magic will be successful only if you get the viewers interested and involved in your tricks then only you will get the required astonishment from them and he is successful in making them surprised and wanting for more. He is an expert in magic with deck of cards because most of the episodes I have seem doing card magic I know there is a lot of magic options with cards and he has a time limitation so the easiest trick is only feasible but then now and then he does do some other tricks also, once again kappa TV has come with a brilliant new idea.

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