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It features a music band comprising of talented artists. Meghana, Divya, Poornasree and Bhadra are the singers and all of them are really talented and we should look out for them because very soon they will be famous playback singers too. The song selection is really nice and with a touch of themselves in it there just an added pleasure to hear it. All the singers just croon the songs with so much of love and they hit all the high notes with such great ease. They are not using any complex combination of tunes they have just kept it simple, which is for its best. We can see that they are enjoying it and the band is also supporting them really well. Many channels are getting inspired by the Kappa effect and hence all them are starting to put big efforts, it’s good to try but something which annoys me is that please when you are coping at least make an effort to do something new with the look of your set. The producer has completely copied the set and look of this program from another channel. That is something which is not at all appreciable, next time doesn’t let others notice that it’s inspired by another channels program.

This show is on Kairali WE, Sunday at 16:00.

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