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The importance of social responsibility and ecological conscience is though via schools this is the concept of this program. The program promotes education, reading and all other good habits that a student should incur while growing up. I loved the camera work and the sound mixing it was really fresh and live. The effort the producer has taken in locating the schools and children who do something for the betterment of the society is commendable. I saw an episode where some student’s together start a library for their society the kids themselves manage it and a 7th STD boy is the librarian. I was really happy to see how forward the kids of this generation are moving and the passion they have for knowledge. These teachers and schools promote vegetation and encourage these students to have their own kitchen garden it’s a good initiative especially when price of vegetables are soaring up. I hope that these schools are not doing it for the publicity and just to show such a nice management it is because I also once had the same vegetation plan when I was in school but then after some ads and picture on my school they stopped it after some months. The anchor is also really vibrant and the apt person to host such kind of a program. This should actually be seen by adults also hope we also learn something from it so catch this on Manorama News.

This show is on Manorama News, Sunday 20:00.

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