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Senior most and very brilliant journalist Mr.Gopakumar is the interviewer of this program. It is a chat show with a celebrity not necessarily from the film field and what makes it different is that it is not like the normal chit chat fun humorous show. Each and every element of this interview is very serious and it definitely means business. Gopakumar has a writing pad and a pen with him, each time he gets an answer from the guest he writes it down now I seriously wonder what is the purpose of it is he doing it to include it in may be his next book or just for keeping a record but when you have all these technologies why do you want to keep records in a notepad god only knows. He is like a talking Wikipedia he seems to know everything about the guests and it is definite that he has not by hearted any of these things it just comes out naturally from his stored memory, and even the guests can’t hide their astonishment because most of these things have never been asked to them that’s why I said earlier that this interview is different from the others. I basically am a fan of the other kinds because I like to see the celebs in their natural behavior I hate to see them all tensed and nervous like their facing a judge before an execution. I like the fun and entertainment factor of an interview; I would like to see this format only with politician because they deserve to be grilled. But then there are certain categories of people who like seriousness so those people can watch this in Asianet News.

This show is on Asianet News, Monday 12:30.

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