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It is a program which tells about ordinary people who become successful with extra ordinary ideas. It is mostly centered on youngsters who do something out of the box and create a mark for themselves in the society. It’s not necessary that it should be a business venture but whoever does something innovative or new can find a space in this program. If you want to do a flash mob for a good cause then you can ask this program to cover it or if your are starting a new business and you feel its new then you can also feature in this program or if you think you are the only B-Bowing team in Kerala then you are also welcomed. Only the name of this program is new but the content is same and old many other channels have come up previously with such kind of news it’s only that they didn’t have one program completely dedicated for it. I saw an episode where a lady starts a tea shop with a different name ‘Papadavada’ and is making money with her idea and an episode where Hanna is making cakes and is quite famous with her business named the ‘Sugarrush’. Now what I don’t understand is that actually these things can be shown in the other program named ‘Ladies First’ because in it also they show almost the same content .So when you have a program named out of the box you really have to have content which truly is extraordinary. I would recommend Mathrabhumi News try something new with this program because it’s a good idea but the content should be classified and put into the correct programs.

This show is on Mathrubhumi News, Sunday at 22:00.

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