Pathinalaam Raavu

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Anchor should stop talking so much.


It is a music reality show where the contestants sing songs from the old Muslim folk songs. I have heard about Oppana ( Muslim wedding songs) but never about the folk songs there are so much of songs and all of them are have really different music. The kids are super talented as usual they are taking big efforts and enjoying themselves. I didn’t like the anchor she should act her age she is trying to be very bubbly and she is also irritating, she simply asks unwanted questions and is dragging the show you can see that from some of the contestant faces. Just after a performance the contestants are waiting to hear from the judges to see how it went at that time the anchor can ask one or two questions like how do you think it went or are you happy with your performance but when she doesn’t stop it gets frustrating. It is good that they selected judges who have knowledge on this kind of genre otherwise they would not be able to give a fair judgment. The live orchestra is supporting the contestants really well I saw a kid playing a flute and he was doing an awesome job. God these kids are really talented these days, so watch them on Media One.

This show is on Mediaone, Friday-Sunay 19:00.

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