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Anchor needs to improve.


Gopika is the anchor and Anish is the interviewer. Basically it’s like every other show were a celebrity is interviewed and he talks on his upcoming releases. Since there is already so many chat shows may be the program producer should think of something new and creative. Anish should be asking more interesting questions instead of asking the same old usual questions. When you get an opportunity to interview celebrities who have such a big fan following you should utilize the moment to the maximum and get all the juicy news out of them. In some interviews Anish looks really nervous or like he is not interested so he should build a rapport or else it will look mechanical. His interview with Karthi was good he was relaxed and calm and had a good opening, that’s what’s actually expected from him. I also loved the interview with Aparna Gopinath he looked well rehearsed I got to know things about her which has made me a fan of hers, never knew that she was so a multi talented women. The best part of this program is the refreshing locations it looks really good and the camera work is also impressive. In all it’s a normal chat show but if you have you favorite celebrity in it, it will not hurt to sit and watch it in Mathrabhumi News.

This show is on Mathrubhumi News, Sunday 20:30.

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