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This program in Asianet News gives reviews on the latest addition of cars in the market. It’s a really classy show with an anchor who I am definite is an Automobile engineer or a car guru. He uses torque, automatic transmission, diffuser, etc well I am an alien to these technical terms so those who understand it will easily get what he is saying but people like me who don’t understand this language then it’s better to skip to a simpler version of this program. Yes I know I am dumb when it comes to automobile or electronics I don’t know how to change a flat tire so for a person like me who is planning to buy a new car a more simple language would be preferable. They show all kinds of cars it’s just not about the luxury cars but also the cars that a common man can afford which is good of them. He gives an honest review it is nice that he explains the condition of the roads on which he is driving the car and about its performance because it helps to calculate how the car would work for you on your roads. Only because I don’t understand the term that doesn’t mean I am saying its bad show, actually it’s a decent program and a hardcore car enthusiast will definitely enjoy it so catch it on Asianet news.

This show is on Asianet News, Sunday at 18:30.

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