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I have seen many shows talking about women empowerment, about successful women and all other kinds showing how women have made it big in this male dominating society. But Sthree in Asianet News is different from what I have seen here they talk about women who wish that they were not born in this world those women who have cried their entire life not knowing what their mistake was. This show is the voice for the underprivileged that have been facing cruelties their entire life. It talks on the hardships and the trouble that they have faced and how this world has not been a safe place for them to live peacefully. The anchors of the program are very honest person we can understand that they actually feel for these women whom they meet in every episode, they are not acting but are truly touched by what most of them have gone through. I particularly liked Gayathri who is one of the anchors. The shows takes us through different old age homes, women shelters, etc and talk to the women who have been abandoned, they feel like sharing their experiences only because Gayathri looks like she cares for them and their pain which is what is expected from her to be genuine. There are also episodes where they show women who have dedicate their lives to help the neediest and the love and care they have for others, we should always encourage these kind of program just so that people who are watching realize it is only because of a mother’s mercy that we are living so think twice before throwing her away. This show showed me that a woman is not powerful or successful if she has a business or a job but she is a real success when she lives through all the difficulties and still loves everyone without complains.

This show is on Asianet News, Monday at 20:30.

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