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Famous architectures in Kerala giving advice on upcoming architectural trends for free, good right! This is the concept of the program in Kairali TV. They have a beautiful anchor with a beautiful voice which is spoilt by editing I don’t know the exact reason but I am sure that it has got to do with editing because we can hear her nice voice along with some kind of bass or echo added it to it that was very irritating. After that they show really magnificent houses with such breath taking interiors. I know its everyone’s dream to make a house and this program should help it to be a reality but then if you show only such lavish houses it makes a feeling that dream house is not possible for a common man so they should show a mix of both kind of houses the rich ones and the common mans house. Now it is actually possible to build your dream house with limited budget there are talented architectures making that possible so may be interviews with them would also be nice if it was added in this program. The visuals are really nice they have been successful in capturing the beauty of the house. The house owners also share the reason why they chosen some particular designs and its importance. It would be nice if the narration would be in simple Malayalam rather than using literature so that everyone can understand. In all it’s a good program not that bad it’s an opportunity to feel jealous of these house owners.

This show is on Kairali TV, Friday 11:30.

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