Nere Chowe

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It is an interview with celebrities from different walks of life. As the name suggests it is a very direct interview and the celebrities give honest reply. It is really nice to see them have no airs and talk like a normal person in front of Mr.Jonny Lukkose. They share all their good and bad experience and most of it is really emotional memories. Hearing them talk about their struggle and the hard work they put into to make them what they are today is really inspiring. I saw Mannian Pilla Raju’s interview and after that my respect for him as increased I love him as an actor but never knew that he was such a great human being. It is really difficult to sit in front of camera and share all their bitter experience but Mr.Lukkose succeeds in making them comfortable. One thing which I felt a bit odd is that it looks like the anchor portion was recorded separately but may be its just my feeling I am not sure about it. Nere Chowe is a nice program and it is one of the best shows in Manorama News.


This show is on Manorama News, Friday at 22:00.

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