Ragaram Iyer MBI

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It is a program where there are no real humans but only animated characters I have never seen an animated program in Malayalam television other than some cartoons. Here they have Ragaram Iyer MBI and his partner it has a very clear similarity to Mamooty’s famous investigating officers character Sethuram Iyer CBI. The characters also use the same voice modulation of Mamooty and Sureshgopi. These characters are also investigators but not of murders but of thefts. Yes they find out the theft in music industry usually on which song belongs to the real owner. It is really funny how they come to the point it’s like they first tell about a song and then they talk on it and create a situation where the actual song is revealed. It’s really shocking to know that some famous songs were copied that too the thieves are well known musicians. The team has a very efficient research team most of the songs are copied from other languages or from very old English songs. I couldn’t believe that Salman Khan’s hit song “Munni Badhnam Hui-Dabang” was copied from a Pakistan film with the same tunes and lyrics. If it’s copied at least give acknowledgement or write in the credit that this song is inspired by so and so. It’s really a very good idea and I never miss any episode so if you guys also want to watch it tune into Kappa TV.

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