Star Jam


Kappa TV always comes up with something new, this program might be a normal chat show but the treatment of this show is new. The atmosphere is warm and exiting. The set design keeps on changing it has some vibrant colors and some beautiful interiors. They have tried everything to not make it look like robotic interview and it has succeeded. The anchor is really friendly he gels really well with the guests and breaks the ice. But sometimes I feel he is trying very hard he is a good anchor and he is excellent most of the times but sometimes he pretends to be very cool but it is clear that he is just doing it to cover up his nervousness. One thing I noticed is most of the shots are long and from side angle there is no difference of shots but showing the close up of the celebrity once in a while won’t hurt. They have done good research on celebrities like I never knew Bhavana likes drawing it was good to see her attempt. The anchor doesn’t ask direct questions he gives some situations or ideas on what he is talking or what his next question is going to be and it’s nice to see the celeb trying to guess. It is a nice concept shows the other side of the celebrity I loved it.


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