Munshi is a small 5 minute satirical skit that ridicules the current affairs in society. The political satire sitcom on Asianet News has completed more than 2000 episodes it has got a place in the Limca book of records and is still going strong. It has a non-partisan approach and that is what makes it so special for a viewer it deals with a common mans problem and indirectly points figure at the system. Each topic is dealt with great satire. Every episode has a group of youngsters who discuss among them a current issue and there is humor in whatever they say and K.P.S. Kurup appears as the wise Munshi who has the last word on each episode. At first it was difficult for me to understand what Mr.Kurup is saying or what is his last word was indirectly aiming at but then after a few episodes I also started getting the humor and the point hidden in it. Pradeep , Aiyapan and Mr.Kurup were the three main characters from the beginning itself.

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