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Kannadi in Asianet News has always stayed away from the mainstream news. It has always concentrated on the life of people who are not politicians, celebrities or those who are in headlines. It’s always about the issues of unwanted people who are fighting for their voices to be heard. Kannadi which means a mirror keeps full justice to its name it holds a mirror for us asking to look deep into the society and understand what they are going through. T.N.Gopakumars brain child Kannadi has fought for the marginalized people. It has an experience of two decade that itself speaks volumes there is no need for me to say more. Mr.Gopakumar is a veteran journalist, writer and a director therefore the people cannot ask for more, him speaking on behalf of them will definitely ensure that they will be heard. There was a time during my childhood when my relatives used to say after coming to know about a local issue that this should be informed to “Kannadi Gopakumar” that’s what he is called fondly. Whenever the government fails to help or goes blindfolded it used to be kannadi that reports the matter. Now a lot of programs have come up with the same concept but at one time it was just Mr.Gopakumar and his Kannadi. It has won the best television program thrice for its work for the marginalized and oppressed. Mr.Gopakumar has his unique style of presentation which has always made him a favorite of mimicry artists but that shows how popular he and his program have become. As we say old is gold I don’t want anything to change about this show because without added sound effects or latest editing techniques this clean program stands out.

This show is on Asianet News, Saturday at 22:00.

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