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Katha alla ithu jeevitham a court room program aired weekly four times in Amrita TV is something worth a watch. It has all the elements of a hit show there is tears, controversy, affairs and bonus is that its reality .It is basically a show were couples with disputes come together discuss their issue and make a decision. Yesteryear actress Vidhubala is doing a      ‘no nonsense’ job as an anchorshe is stable and her emotional approach toward the guests is good. Only someone with power and dominance can handle to people who are literally ready to kill each other. They also have some eminent people on the panel as advisors. This concept is new and helps us to escape from the usual music-dance gala of other TV channels. Sometimes I feel it’s being unnecessarily stretched because some issues are being shown for two to three weeks which is boring. The producers are smart to cases where either the husband or the wife has cheated which will definitely increase the TRP’s .It’s really interesting to see how fast these producers find the missing husband or wife something which the police must take note on..One negative element is ‘why people want to wash their dirty linen in public’? the upper class and probably the middle class are keeping out of this. Otherwise it’s a very good idea, nicely executed, new people and their interesting stories what more can we ask for. Three stars to katha alla ithu jeevitham every Monday to Thursday at 9:30 in Amrita TV.

This show is on Amrita TV,Monday-Thursday 21:30.

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