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We all have seen the normal question answer types of interview format and it was about time that someone comes up with something new. ‘I personally’ is a very stylish program coming from Kappa TV it definitely will have standard. Here there is no interviewer only interviewee and it’s not a typical interview the celebrity gets to talk whatever they want. Onscreen you will only see the celeb and the person just keeps on talking without any restrictions and according to what they are talking on a strip is given. It’s a very new thought and I loved it because when there is an interviewer usually the celeb are expected just to answer on what they have been asked but when there are no boundaries you don’t know what all they say. It’s like they are talking to us they have the freedom to move to pause to breath say about their school dreams anything and everything. I don’t know if it’s just me but all of them coming in Kappa TV look extremely different I mean different in a good way. They look their best in a very stylish look and attire may be the producer has specified what the program is about and what is expected of them. Kappa TV and its program definitely have international standards and so are their programs. I personally is a very chic talk show where the celebrity is given full freedom to speak their mind.


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