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It’s a chat show in Kairali We where celebrities share their experience related to love. Usually we get to see young celebrities on this program may be because the others are really outdated it’s about time to park them in a shed. It’s actually a relief to see someone of their age talking about love I am tired of seeing oldies being lover boys and Casanovas. So for a change when young celebs share their love stories mostly 2-3 hook-up and break-up stories others are very decent mommy will kill them if they love that’s what they say well okay we will believe that don’t have any other option. I think Joe one of the anchor has some serious identity crisis because he thinks that he is the celebrity and everyone has come to see him you will have to see the show to believe me because that guy has so much of attitude it’s like he is sitting on that couch because the producer begged him to be his anchor as if there is no one in town. Seriously try to smile sometimes with your heart because even the smile you give looks like you are controlling your happiness. The co-anchor she is trying hard to create some chemistry she looks good and is a good host but doesn’t much to do. The set is really beautiful oh I love night settings it’s really refreshing because it’s very different from the usual in studio interviews. The choice of celebrities creates interest within us to watch it because we don’t get them always opening up about private matters. In a way it’s a really good concept just has to break the wall and be more lively and there should be an increase in the level on interaction.

This show is on Kairali WE,  Friday 19:30.

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