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Inappropriate Questions


Now a day’s it’s a really scary thought to take kids for any function because god only knows what comes out of their mouth they look like innocent babies  but actually they are cute devils. Seriously there is no need to ask them before that itself they will give away your complete family history including the spicy things about your fights with your loving husband and sometimes it’s really insulting. If they are with us we cannot pretend to be happy couples because in the end of the day they are going to spill the beans. This innocence and nativity of kids is taken advantage off by the host Subi, which in some cases is not a good thing because when asked over and over about a particular thing children can be spurred to speak from imagination and that can be defaming for the family. The anchor constantly harps on the husband wife relationship why don’t they ask kids questions that befits children. But some episodes were really funny and I like the chemistry the anchor establishes with the kids

This show is on Surya TV, Sunday at 20:30.

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