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This program was once a hit in Surya TV and that marked the entry of Kootikal Jayachandran a very talented mimicry and comedy artist. When the show was going really well the acting bug bit Jayachandran and he stepped into films which was the biggest blunder of his carrier. He was doing fine with this program he had fame and fans. The show got stopped and now after a long time it’s come back but it’s not like the old one. Jayachandran looks really tires as if someone has drained him off of his energy. He doesn’t have the same energy as before he is talking with callers just for the sake of it without any interest. I don’t know what happened to him but there’s no more spark in it, Jayachandran should re discover himself and make this show once more a hit. This show has become a mere version of the already existing programs there’s nothing new about it and only the comic seasons are something which keeps us from changing the channel. This program stays longer only if Surya TV comes up with some new segments or ideas. I was a huge fan of this program I truly wish Jayachandran keeps whatever problem he has at his house and bring back the old spirit.

This show is on Surya TV, Monday-Friday at 22:30.

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