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If you have kids as your viewers then I believe that your program is a success because no one can change the channel when they are glued in front on the TV unless you are ready to go through a war with them. Amrita TV has bought a show especially for kids and they have been successful in getting their attention. It has everything that a kid can ask for there are different segments for art, craft work, painting and drawing, etc. I am also a fan of this program specially the segment where an artist sits with the kids and in each episode explains the various forms of drawings for example one segment might be a caricature or other will be on drawing animals. I used to always think that it’s really difficult to draw but when I saw this program I understood that it’s not rocket science. The kids in this program are really cute and talented. It’s definitely going to be the small brat’s favorite  because we  can shine with an smart phone but the only choice of these kids are to watch this program make something and display their creativity. As a child growing up I didn’t have much options other than making a robot or rocket with a paper but now these kind of new program are really innovative it helps to promote extracurricular activities. I hope parents will make their kids watch these kinds of programs other than the 6-9 serials.

This show is on Amrita TV, Sunday 10:00.

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