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The host should be involved a little bit more.


I heard about and have faced ragging during my college days but never have I heard about a concept where you get to rag celebrities. Nadirsha is the host of such a show called Star Ragging which comes in Kairali TV. Each episode will have a celebrity guest and a group of people waiting to rag them so once the program starts it’s them who ask question and the celeb is obliged to answer. From the beginning to end Nadirsha will say just a few words or sentences and then prefers to remain silent. It’s a good thought executed well but sometimes the questions asked by the people are a bit over the board so if that’s checked the show is great. Lately I saw an episode where Ranjini Haridas was the celebrity guest and the kind of questions asked where a bit too much but then since it was Ranjini she was successful in back answering them with fire. These people mostly students have done their research well because they know each and every gossip about the celeb and are good enough to get an answer from  them. Since Nadirsha is a good singer and also known as the parody king we can hear him sing songs and also makes the guests to perform. There should be some other segments also because if the celebrity is not capable of confronting the questions with boldness then it might get boring and just plain chat show. The show has nice set it’s colorful and in all it’s a live show.

This show is on Kairali TV every Friday at 21:30.

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