Southern Spice

There is nothing new about the content.


A phone in program aired daily in Kairali We channel is different from the usual type. It is totally dedicated to southern film industry with all the latest news about new releases. Even if the name is southern spice it’s just limited to Tamil and Malayalam movies. It’s different because apart from the anchor Nisha, even the callers get an opportunity to openly declare their love for their favorite star and their opinion about last seen movies. The VJ is doing her part really well with live, energetic and effervescent personality. She says about film reviews in a way as if it’s coming from someone who has actually done some research. The song selection is good and there is a combination of old as well as new hits. But the only thing I found a little bit suspicious  is that Nisha is very comfortable with the callers  and she does seem to know half of her callers so are the producers calling them up or are they the usual people who call with different names, well who cares in all its a good program. The producers should publicize the show more and get some new callers because it’s good to hear new people sharing their different opinions it helps to know which celebrity tops the list. The producers should give more publicity for this program because it can be better if it reaches more viewers.

This show is on Kairali We every Monday to Friday at 19:00.

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