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Comedy is a serious business, Kamal Hasan the great actor had once said in a recent interview. Asianet TV has again comeback with season 2 of the comedy stars which is pretty much the same as the previous one. I am a big fan of Mr.Jagadish’s acting and his comic timing but Sir don’t you think you should stay away from the singing part and leave it those who are good at it. There was an episode in which a skit starts with a message on the importance of “women empowerment” it was a good start but then certain parts of the skit was really vulgar and was not that pleasant to watch. I saw a guy grabbing a man’s buttocks (who is dressed like a women) and the audience are laughing at it, but do you think it is good to promote such things in a society where crime against women is rising alarmingly. I am not a feminist therefore  I agree that I have laughed a lot on the jokes they made on a gigantic wife and her teeny husband they used to have a lot of standard skits but now it has become repetitive and boring. The problem with the TV channels is that if one trend seems to click all the others follow it and when we exploit a style up to its maximum then people tend to lose their interest. So it’s always important to bring new and innovative idea, now I understand why comedy is a serious business.

This show is on Asianet TV every Monday to Friday at 20:00.

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