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I am really jealous of these kids seriously how can they sing so well. It’s always nice to give kids a platform to showcase their talent especially when it’s singing because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I have never been a fan of this genre of talent shows, but Surya singer does have a bunch of talented young singers, oh! They have such sweet voices. They are all so well trained they hit all the right notes seriously hats off. It’s a relief to sit and hear them sing .Now this won’t be a complete review if I leave the judges Anuradha -precious singer, Unnikrishnan-love you for the romantic songs, Venugopal -love your voice and Jayachandran-gifted musician, when you have such masters no wonder these kids sing so well. The orchestra is also supporting the song really well. It is difficult to gel with kids because sometimes they don’t get what we are trying to say but the anchor has made chemistry with the kids. My rating sometimes goes down because of the song selection I would like to hear more of bright songs because I hate to watch kids singing sad and very complicated songs. There is just one thing which I felt most of them are so young you can hear their innocence in the songs but sometimes in the midst of all the glamour they are not behaving as kids some kids are overly matured. I heard a girl singing a romantic song with so much of feel and expression in her face it felt really awkward   Otherwise it’s a nice attempt and this show does remind me of the hit show in Star plus Amul Voice of India may be because it’s too similar anyway Surya TV is trying to come back with this show.

This show is on Surya every Monday to Friday at 20:00.

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