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Tired of the same format.


Now who doesn’t like good food everyone likes to see the magic of cooking and such kind of a show has started in Kairali TV. When there is reality shows on dance, song, best wife, best dog, god knows what more then why can’t there be a reality contest for cooking. This is a food competition series with Lakshmi Nair at the helm. When we spend so much of money in restaurant it’s nice to get the recipes and may be save some money. Lakshmi who has lots of experience in the art of cooking is the perfect host and judge. I am an ardent fan of food and this show does succeed in making my mouth watery. Even if it is not of international standards nor do the contestants make out of the world food they are amateurs what more can be expected of them. None of the contestants are from culinary school there is a doctor, housewife, student, etc as participants. The best part is in most of other cooking reality shows they don’t give the recipes of what the contestants have made but in this each and every contestant explains in detail how they are going to cook. But some of them are very nervous and it’s really difficult to understand what they are trying to say especially a contestant Mr.Natarajan. Then something which I cannot understand is what actor Krishna is doing as a judge in a cooking show. I mean what he knows about cooking other than tasting if you have to comment then you should have expertise in the field to understand what importance each and every flavor has in the dish. If you are looking to take baby steps in cooking then this is the right program because they are not showing rocket science but only simple food of which I am a big fan. But unlike me If you are an expert looking to cook food which is exotic I will definitely  recommend  international shows(like master chef ).

This show is on Kairali, Monday to Friday at 19:00.

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