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Before planning to see a movie some of us have a habit of waiting to read or watch the reviews that we get from different broadcasting services. How would you feel if in a review the host gives away 95% of the story just leaving the climax? I was fuming because I was planning to see the movie about which he was talking I simply wanted to hear the verdict and there he sprays the complete story. I am serious he said the complete story including the climax. Now I don’t know if I am wrong but review means the outline of the subject with the presenter’s opinion please correct me if I am wrong. Anyway we get to know about the latest releases, see some songs and also the trailer in this program. The anchor is not that impressive he is very robotic and he speaks with no emotions. It’s like someone is making him talk on a gun point like they will shoot him if he doesn’t read the script exactly as it is. Only the last 2 minutes of what he says about a movie can be considered as a review because that’s the only part where he actually discusses the pros and cons of the movies. The rest of the part he narrates the complete script of the film scene by scene. He tries to be sarcastic but not working to his  advantage .His review is biased  it seems to me that he hates present generation hence he is finding fault in whatever the new directors are trying to do.

This show is on  Media One,Friday 20:00.



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