Media and it’s Ethics

When  someone  decides  to  be  a Journalist  ethics  is  the  first  thing  he/she  should  always follow  and  it  means  to  have  integrity , accuracy, fairness and humaneness.A journalist should be  successful  in bringing  the  highest  possible  degree of accuracy  and  fairness to each story they  do .Like  many  broader  ethical  systems, journalism ethics  include the principle of “limitation of harm.”This often  involves  the  withholding  of  certain  details from reports such as the names of minor children, crime reports, victims of sexual abuse, etc. Integrity  should be an  essential  element of  any  journalistic career from  the very   beginning till their entire career. News  should  be  double  checked  and  there  should  be  a genuine  authentication before publishing  to  ensure  that the  people  read  accurate  news. A journalist  should  have a  sense of fairness  because  fact is fact and to be fair is more difficult than being  accurate. Hence media ethics  and  code of  conduct  is very  important  in  journalism  because it’s them  who help people  make  a  decision .Even  if  the reporter  is  unbiased  there  is  a circumstance  where  he has to work in  slanted  news  organizations. In  many cases  we have seen that some news channels  publish  entire  details  as  it is and  the others  who  withhold  information,  in  Kerala there  are  TV channels  and  papers  for  particular  political  parties  which  openly  criticize each other. It  is  always  believed  that  journalist  report  what  they  observe  without  letting  their opinions  affecting  the  judgment  but  recently many reporters  were found flouting these ethics specially in Malayalam  news  televisions  where  there were lot of one sided news stories especially the Solar Scam Case. Journalist  in  the  name  of  investigative  reporting , in  many  cases, are misusing  their  right  when  an  private  document  is being  made  public  the  name  of  the victim should be protected at any cost, the journalist should report responsibly, should not spill all  the beans just so that his news is in demand. In  the recent  Tehelka  case the victims private mail  to the company was leaked and made a public document. In case of sexual assault the media  can  name  the  culprits  but  here  this  victim’s  detail  was  openly  discussed. Media  is being ruled  by  people with power and it is the clear with the content if a politician is accused in a rape case  no  such details comes out but if it’s a common man then the news organization rapes them off  their  privacy.

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