In India, there is no established TV program rating system; in general there is no screening of television content. Self-censorship is the best form of censorship available for television programs. Every day the television channels come up with new programs which have no restriction and especially the reality shows which enjoy great popularity among the audience. These shows are refreshing and big change but the content creators should keep in mind the Indian family and create content which will be accepted by the society. It has been a common thing in Indian household to feed the kids by making them watch television but when there is an open display of sexuality, violence, political, racial or religious issues the kids who see it are either scared or are mentally disturbed. There is no restriction for screening of a movie with adult or unacceptable content often there are things very inappropriate for kids. According to the Information Technology Rules 2011, objectionable content includes anything that “threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states or public order” so that means the Indian government has no problem with any other vulgar content that is shown in television. The cable act which was amended in 2000 to censor all the television shows to check the growing vulgarities in media unfortunately didn’t go well after that there have been no talks on television censorship. We have a choice of  not to take kids for an inappropriate film but what about them watching such programs on TV. A proper measure should be taken because an opinion of a censor board with a few members cannot be applicable to a whole nation. I suggest that there should be a form of censorship followed in Singapore in India also where they censor each shows and split them in different categories and then ban the shows which are completely inappropriate, in this case at least there will be an idea which shows can or cannot be seen by taking a look at which category it falls. These programs should be given timings in which shows with adult content should be screened after prime time and the producers should be given proper guidelines not to waste their creative talent by using unwanted language or visuals just for the sake of TRP.

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